misconceptions2Collections come in all forms and sizes so it’s no longer a surprise when we hear about vehicle collectors. Chances are you know one or two from your circle who’s been bitten by the “car bug” aka people who’s got quite the passion for machines. However, a lot of us have been told or at least heard of lies about such collections and the people behind them. Today, we’re about to uncover the facts and set things straight with the help of professionals from Classic Car Labs no less!

1.    You have to be rich.

What? Say it ain’t so! You don’t necessarily have to be a Kardashian or any other celebrity for that matter. No, you don’t even have to be freaking rich to own a collectible vehicle. It’s true that these pieces aren’t dirt cheap but smart planning, budgeting and saving will take you places. There are vehicles that are affordable. You don’t have to start with the most expensive item to be called a collector. That’s not what the term was made for. Start small and then build it up from there.

2.    They’re all old and passé.

First of all, that’s the beauty of a vintage vehicle. They’re antiques and they hold a piece of history in them. But not all collectible cars are vintage or a classic. A number of modern ones are available too. Manufacturers continue to release limited editions for years allowing fans and aficionados more options to choose from.

3.    You’re throwing money out the window.

Many would say that collectible cars are not worth the money. Vintage and classic ones in particular are too old; they won’t hold up for long. They’re wrong. Very much so. Think about it this way, if they are not worth the investment then why has trading classic and collectible machines a very lucrative business? They’re rare. Add the factor of good maintenance and they make quite a financial investment. Oh and have we mentioned that they increase in value over time?

We’ve been told many lies and it’s up to us to validate facts says Classic Car Labs. Don’t be swayed by hearsays and rumors. If you do, you’re going to miss all the fun you could have had. Besides, owning collectible vehicle is a lot of responsibility so if you can’t differentiate the lies from the truths then you might not be a good car parent after all.

custom-1970-chevy-camaroIn trade shows and events, resto-mod concepts are all the rage. They’re absolute scene stealers with their impeccable take on the whole classic meets modern theme. The Custom 1970 Camaro is one such vehicle. It perfectly captured the marriage of timeless elegance and modern punch.

The brand sashayed a number of Gen 6 Camaros during the 2015 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas. The vehicles were no doubt a force to be reckoned with but the star of the night belongs to the Custom 1970 Camaro which stole the spotlight from all the rest.

White rally stripes slithered across the hyper blue Camaro which was very attention grabbing in terms of visual appeal. It was already striking to begin with but what made it turn heads even more was the fact that it was fitted with an LT4 crate engine, the most powerful that General Motors has ever made to date. It boasts of a whopping 650 horsepower, a 650 pound-feet of torque and a top speed of 155 mph. With its power, manufacturers further installed Corvette Z06-based disc brake kits, a six-point roll cage and custom gauges.

The Custom 1970 Camaro even has a T-56 Super Magnum six-speed manual gearbox, a four-link setup, titanium intake valves, aluminum pistons, aluminum cylinder heads, front and rear coil-overs and LED headlights and taillights.

The exterior makes you drool. It’s power is hard to beat. How about its interiors? Is it any good too? Of course, Chevrolet did not miss an inch. The instrumental panel was wrapped in custom-trimmed leather as the seats were. The black stock cabin proved to be a nod to the third-generation Camaro with its very reminiscent take.

In its official press release statement, Jim Campbell, Chevrolet USA’s Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports, said that the company wants “to endlessly fuel the dreams of enthusiasts with endless possibilities”, something that they did not fall short of with this special Chevy. The put up quite a show at the SEMA and enthusiasts had the thrill of their lives.

With all that said, we can vouch that the Custom 1970 Camaro is the resto-mod vehicle of all resto-mod concept cars. It’s a complete package of timelessness, elegance, modern allure, machine power and not to mention a visual feast. It is pretty hard to beat and we couldn’t argue with that.

Do visit classiccarlabs.com to learn more about the Camaro!

tire-careThey say that owning a vehicle is like having a child, or well another one. The responsibility that goes with it runs a long list but people still want them because they’ve got perks to boot anyway. One way to ensure that they last as long as can be and remain in tiptop shape is to avoid mistakes that can cause them harm and Classic Car Labs is here to help warn us about them.

Mistake: Failure to keep up with car fluids

There are many liquids that go into an automobile and all of them must be kept at a specific level and replaced at certain intervals to ensure that all parts run smooth and wear and tear is held off. Make sure to check, refill and replace them.

Mistake: Putting off a scheduled maintenance

Many owners think that just because everything seems to run smoothly, nothing is wrong. In many cases the vehicle’s fine but do remember that many issues start small; too small in fact that they barely present themselves not unless a checkup is done or not until it has aggravated itself. Regular maintenance is necessary not only to fix issues at their infancy but also to prevent them altogether.

Mistake: Driving an overheated vehicle

Once your engine overheats, pull up to the side and stop driving. Being stubborn about it will only lead to damages to your engine which are often severe and costly. This brings us back to the first item in this list as well. Have you checked on your water and coolant levels?

Mistake: Forgetting about wheel and tire care

Your wheels and tires absorb a lot of friction, heat and dirt given the fact that they’re the ones that directly hit the asphalt, concrete roads and even rough patch terrain. Brake dust must be cleaned off the wheels so they do not get baked into them. Alignment must also be so that tires wear out evenly ensuring longer life for them, to save on fuel and to reduce suspension wear. Tires must also be rotated and pressure must be checked on the regular. Over and under-pressured tires hurt not only themselves but the engine and your gas money too.

If you want your vehicle to last, heed the warnings mentioned by Classic Car Labs. Surely, you’d want your machines to run as smoothly and for as long as possible.


muscle car careDo you own one of the best muscle cars that enthusiast often clamor for? If your answer is yes then this article is definitely for you.

You see, owning a mean machine means more than just driving it around. It takes a lot of responsibility to own and maintain one. Plus, they basically require more than your average vehicle. But worry no more; we’re not here to scare you away. In fact, we’ve come to give you some nifty advice on how to achieve such task. Here, take a look.

  • Gear up on your knowledge chest. – When it comes to cars, your know-how plasy a huge role. Although there are general guidelines, many tasks are specific depending on the type of car, the manufacturer, its age, the condition, the engine and several other factors. If you want to maintain it the right way, you need to know as much about it as possible.
  • Assemble your garage. – Even muscle cars need shelter. They may look all macho but they’re not invincible. They also have their own brand of kryptonites. Water can cause rusting given the right scenario. Wind can bring pebbles and other objects to scratch into the body. Too much sun and heat may cause the engine to go berserk. Plus, putting it out there in the open when you sleep just doesn’t scream safe.
  • Find a suitable mechanic. – These vehicles aren’t your regular ones. They weren’t built in our days and they’ve certainly seen a huge chunk of history before us. Therefore, you’ll need an expert mechanic and car guy to do the job. Not everyone is equipped with the skills and expertise to handle these machines. Find one who does.
  • Clean them regularly. – Even dust can cause serious damage. Clean your car on the regular to avoid dirt from accumulating and causing any problem and hastening the wear and tear process. Plus, isn’t it great to drive a clan car around?
  • Schedule regular checkups. – This ensures that any problems are detected and solved early. It also helps pinpoint certain care needs and ensures that the vehicle runs in tiptop shape. Prevention is better than cure as always. Plus, make sure to drive your muscle car around town on the regular too. This may sound funny but other collectors simply want to stock them in. That’s no good as it will cause some engine terrors in the long run. Drive and enjoy.

Now that you have one (or more) of the best muscle cars there are, you ought to give those babies a lot of TLC otherwise you’ll have to bid them goodbye stat!

vintage carsOwning a vintage car is both bliss and terror but really more of the former if you ask us. It comes with no surprise that going for the classic route can come with a lot of work and not to mention money. They are after all not like any other vehicle. They’re priced more and they need more tending to. You will, however, agree that owning one comes with excitement and fulfillment too. Something no other machine can give. So what exactly does one need to own a vintage automobile? Classic Car Labs lets us in on the secret.

  • You need to have resources.

As mentioned earlier, purchasing one will require a significant amount of cash. Not all vintage cars are crazy expensive though. A lot of factors will still come to play. You’ll even be surprised to find a good conditioned vehicle for only a few thousand dollars. Still, their value is no joke so one will have to prepare and plan things out first.

  • You need to have awareness.

Knowledge is necessary not only in value assessment but also in terms of maintenance. To truly provide excellent upkeep, one has to know the car. What materials are it made of? When was it manufactured and by who? What’s special features does it have that need expert tending?

  • You need to have a garage.

Surely, you don’t plan on parking these babies just about anywhere. They are hot ticket items. Besides, putting them out in the open and exposed to various elements can accelerate its wear and tear and we do not want that. A garage should be a fine home for a vintage car.

  • You need to have passion.

Owning one or even more is not only a matter of need but also of passion. Vintage vehicles are considered antique and rare. They may not be the easiest to handle and they will require more than a regular car would so it takes someone who loves them to have them. You get our drift?

  • You need to have a driver’s license.

Because really, what else do you do with a vintage car? You drive them of course! If you don’t then where’s the fun in that says Classic Car Labs. A beauty like it needs to be enjoyed. Plus, it will do a lot of good in terms of the maintenance department.

1967-mercury-cougar-fordThe 1967 Mercury Cougar is perhaps one of the best muscle cars the world has ever laid eyes on. This macho and masculine vehicle may belong to the automobiles manufactured to target the male population but its charm has spread throughout the face of the planet leaving the ladies and gents alike to revel in its beauty.

The said vehicle belongs to the first generation cars released by the company between 1967 and 1970. Mercury was an American-market division of Ford Motor Company which was primarily marketed as an entry-level premium brand in 1938 and used to fill the gap between the Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

1.    Rewarding

Getting your hands on a muscle car feels insanely rewarding for a thousand different reasons. It’s rare. It breathes history. It’s a powerhouse. It’s gloriously beautiful. It is many good things combined and if we mention them one by one we might take a whole day to finish.

2.    Hefty

Truth be told, this type of car is pretty pricey so it’s no surprise why it would feel heavy on the wallet. The price can vary from one seller and car to another. This is due to a number of various factors, condition being one of them. Despite said fact, such a vintage vehicle is quite a good investment. Maintain them in good condition and they are bound to rake up an even higher price in the future.

3.    Priceless

We’ve already mentioned that such purchase is quite pricey but still we can’t help but think that owning a 1967 Mercury Cougar feels so emotionally priceless. For one, its’ no easy feat finding a quality and well maintained classic car like this. Plus, saving up enough to buy one is no laughing matter either.

4.    Historic

Judging by the name itself, the car is vintage. Antique to be exact. There aren’t a lot of these left in the market so owning one in good condition is considered to be a rare opportunity. With several decades on its belt, the machine is bound to have interesting stories with it about its adventures and its previous owners.

5.    Unique

A 1967 mercury Cougar is one pretty rare and premium muscle car from the sixties. There aren’t a lot of these running along the roads and highways so they are in fact a head turner. They’re unique and don’t we all want to stand out? This car does.


classic-car-labsMovies have no doubt featured prominent automobiles that surely made a lasting mark. That is true beyond doubt but the small screen also had its fair share of these celebrities. In fact, you might want to check out this list we’ve made together with ClassicCarLabs.com on the four memorable vehicles on television.

No. 1: The 1969 Dodge Charger from “The Dukes of Hazzard”

Perhaps the most well-known automobile from television, General Lee is hard to beat. It was a red 1969 Dodge Charger but technically they were lots of them. Hundreds were in fact used in the filming which was reported to reach 320 in total with majority of them destroyed while performing stunts. The popular American show that aired in the CBS network was led by stars John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach who played as cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy respectively that lived in the fictional Hazzard County in Georgia.

No. 2: The 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept from “Batman”

Back in the 60s, ABC network aired a one hundred and twenty episode of “Batman” which lasted from for three seasons from January 12, 1966 to March 14, 1968. The DC comic superhero was popular for his gizmos, gadgets and of course his car dubbed as the Batmobile. George Barris, American designer and builder of customer cars, fashioned it from a 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept.

No. 3: The 1974 Gran Torino from “Starsky & Hutch”

Cop thriller television “Starsky & Hutch” aired from 1975 to 1979 on the ABC network. It featured Southern California police detectives David Michael Starsky and Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson portrayed by actors Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul respectively. The show featured them patrolling the Bay City, California with their bright red 1974 Gran Torino that comes with a big white vector stripe on both sides.

No. 4: The Chevrolets from “Bewitched”

The ever so popular American television sitcom fantasy series that had a sterling eight season run from 1964 to 1972 featured not one but a myriad of Chevrolet vehicles. There was the 1964 Chevelle that served as the family car during the first season. The show also made use of the 1965 Malibu, the 1968 SS Camaro, the 1969 Chevelle SS Malibu, the 1972 Impala and the 1970 Pontiac Bonneville.

In Classic Car Labs’ words, TV life does seem to be sterling. Come on, wouldn’t it be awesome to drive and own one of these vehicles?

best-muscle-cars-pontiacThe world has come to know the best muscle cars back in the day but even in today’s modern world these automobiles still have a massive following, bigger even. Not only do they come with their usual classic and masculine feel but many of them have been given a modern boost to match the advancements in automobile technology.

Now you ask, what exactly is a muscle car?

Muscle cars, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, refer to any of a group of American-made two door sports coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving. These automobiles are known for their speed, big displacement V-8 engines, massive tires, chrome wheels, dual exhausts and blowers.

Now that we’ve got that all settled, allow us to fill you in with a few fun facts regarding these immensely popular vehicles.

Fun Fact #1: Back in the day, General Motors held up a strict ban on putting big engines that go beyond 330 cubic inches into small vehicles. Pontiac however challenged and won the said ban by sneaking in a 389-cubic-inch V-8 into its Tempest, a car we all came to know as the 1967 Pontiac GTO. General Motors executives were totally won over.

Fun Fact #2: The 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is considered to be the very first muscle car the world has laid eyes on. Its success and popularity has inspired a 1950s slogan which read “Make a Date with a Rocket 88″. In fact a song entitled “Rocket 88”, considered of huge importance in the development of rock and roll music, was inspired by it.

Fun Fact #3: Known for its crazy massive rear, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona was specifically designed to win NASCAR races. The rear was not for a fact made to be huge to specifically lower the coefficient drag or maximize rear-end down force but rather to give space for the trunk lid to fully open and close without obstruction, a NASCAR regulation during the time.

Fun Fact #4: When we talk about muscle cars, the term ‘GTO’ is something that always tends to come up. But what does it really mean? GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato which is in Italian and is translated as “Homologated for Grand Touring”.

Fun Fact #5: The television show Dukes of Hazzard which was later on developed into a movie, featured a 1969 Dodge Charger nicknamed as General Lee. During its entire production the show used over 300 Chargers, many of which did not survive the stunts.

There you have it, five facts about some of the best muscle cars in the world. Thanks to http://classiccarlabs.com/.